I draw, paint and play music. I can also do visual design and web development.

I do web development

I code primarily with CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and PHP. I’ve been known to work with many different frameworks and server technologies just as ASP, JSP and Ruby. I’m really good with integration: merging the back-end code with the visual design to create a pixel-perfect user interface.

I design and illustrate

…with pencil and paper.

I put it all together with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I understand responsive design and usability. I love typography.

I play the bass 𝄢

I am a bassist with nearly 30 years of experience. I have reading & transcribing ability, I can work off of charts and/or scribbles on paper. I have a good ear and a comprehensive understanding of western music. I learn fast and I work hard.

I am currently available for live performances, studio work, and collaborative projects. Please drop me a line if you are interested in working with me.

I like to draw stuff

Before I got into the internet, I was a draftsman and technical illustrator; I drew 3D images for Boeing’s parts manuals by hand. I'm constantly sketching and doodling and I even studied tattooing for a few years.

I like to paint

I particularly love stencils.

I am available for full time, part time, and contract opportunities. Please click the links above to view samples of my work. A résumé is available upon request.

15 minutes of fame

Photo by:

Bud Light Lucky Key Sweepstakes

Single-page web application built using Ruby on Rails, Compass, SASS and HTML5 Video. Coded with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and AJAX.


Maintained Visa’s USA web presence. Updated Flash-based content to HTML5 standards, updated fixed layout to responsive design, built Facebook tab applications, managed complex template system and content.

The Utmost Something

Identity, collateral and promotional website for an Oakland-based indie rock band. Template-based responsive website design with parallax-scrolling.

Arrowhead Guitars

I designed and built a site for a friend’s custom guitar company. The color palette and textural elements were inspired by vintage musical electronics and the site is fully responsive with multiple break-points

Spacebunny Font

A typeface that I designed to be used with Bunnywarez branding and collateral.

Uptown Yoga

I designed the visual identity and built a site for a friend’s yoga studio. The header features a detailed illustration of the Oakland skyline and incorporates her love of pigeons.

Wynonna Judd Concert T-Shirt

This shirt is by far my favorite design that I did for Winterland Productions. You can still get one on Amazon.

Studio, session work & live performances

Here is a small sample of the people who I have worked with over the years. I’m always open to opportunities to be a collaborative and/or supporting musician. Below are some highlights.

City of Women

I spent all of 2014, and most of 2015, playing bass and performing with City of Women. I was a collaborating musician, created promoting merchandise and collateral, toured, and helped promote the act.

Photo by: M

City of Women mixes old-school edge with modern day cool

“City of Women is a band that will remind you how cool guitar solos really are.”
Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

Late Show Double Feature: City of Women, NighTraiN, Punk Funk Mob, + Books on Fate - March 9th - 10th

“[City of Women] is a band that I am always excited to see play – yes, even two nights in a row – and if you haven’t seen them perform, then you are missing out on one of the best live experiences in San Francisco. ”
Elisabeth Butler, Late-Show.org

Chronic Town

In 2013 I played bass and developed music & lighting sequencer technology for Chronic Townan R.E.M. tribute band.

Photo by: Leah Millis, San Francisco Chronicle

Talk about the passion of R.E.M. tribute band Chronic Town

“Having seen R.E.M. live back when Bill Berry was still the drummer, I expected Chronic Town to be a cheap imitation. But the band had a professional polish. As soon as they started, I had the impression they deserved a packed and reverent house.”
— Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle.

The Utmost Something

Between 2010 and 2013, I played the bass and collaborated with The Utmost Something an Oakland-based indie rock band. Below are a few tracks we recorded while we were together.

His Charcoal Words

Washed Away


No Reason — live at the Stork Club

Year Zero & Panic Underground

Back in the good ol’ days, I played in an alternative dance/pop band. We rocked the hell out of Hollywood and the Sunset Strip. It was one of those “close, but not quite” adventures into rock stardom. You can still check out our on CD Baby and iTunes.


A 17-layer spraypaint on canvas stencil painting.
12" x 12"

Sunrise Zebra

A spraypaint on canvas stencil painting.
12" x 12"

Devil Dog

Commissioned stencils created for Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show, The Showroom Gallery, NYC. Oct 31st, 2008.

Photos by: Steve Talkowski

More stuff is on its way.

Pen and Ink Illustration

I like to draw. Most times I just doodle, but I will sometimes work out ideas into an actual illustration. These were are all done with Prismacolor and Sakura Micron pens. White highlights were done with a white gel pen.


I pursued becoming a certified tattoo artist a few years ago. A full-time job doing web development came along, so I hung up my machines. Here are some things that I did on some friends of mine.

Z-Term Font

A typeface that I designed specifically for online pixel-based designs. It features a complete character set including accent and extended characters. The design was influenced by the popular terminal emulator program.

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