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I do web development

I like to write my code by hand. I work primarily with CSS3, HTML5, JQuery and PHP. I have familiarity with many different client-side frameworks and libraries. I’m really good with integration and I understand responsive architecture. I like to build light and agile interfaces which are intuitive and uncluttered.

I do graphic design the traditional way

I have a long-standing passion for typography as well as clean and elegant designs.

My work has been featured in print publications such as Fresh Styles for Web Designers, 1X1, and Pictoplasma. I have also won awards from Adobe Magazine, How Magazine, and several others.

Here are some samples of my work.

I play the bass

I am a professional working musician with over 30 years of bass playing experience. I have chart reading abilities, with an extensive musical vocabulary.

I am currently available for live performances, studio work, collaborative projects, and tours. Please drop me a line if you are interested in working with me.

My YouTube Channel
My ReverbNation Profile

I draw stuff

Before I got into Graphic Design, I was a draftsman and technical illustrator; I drew 3D images for Boeing’s parts manuals by hand. I'm constantly sketching and doodling and I even studied tattooing for a few years.

I paint

I particularly love stencils.


I love type.


In 2005, I started up a small, independent clothing company with my partner. Over the years we have seen our company grow beyond our wildest expectations. Here is a sample of our designs, and my work at promoting the brand through graphic design and marketing collateral.

Awards and Recognitions

Adobe Magazine Flashpoint Design Contest
Winner ― Packaging Design
December 1995, Page 67

How Magazine
Award of Merit ― Packaging Design
April 1996, Page 121

San Diego City College Student Show
Best of Show ― Poster Design

San Diego City College Foundation
Fine Arts Scholarship ― Promising Student Award

San Diego Creative Show
Award of Excellence ― Packaging Design
Award of Excellence ― Poster Design
Award of Excellence ― Trademark & Stationery Design

Warner Brothers Records
Winner ― Photo Composition Contest

Wired Magazine
Featured Postal Art ― “Dear Wired” Punchcard
March 2000, Page 69

Books that I am in


1 x 1: Pixel-Based Illustration & Design
by Vasava Artworks
Page 163

1 x 1 refers to the creation of images using pixels - or picture elements - the smallest-sized element that shows up on a computer screen. With the growth of the Internet, computer game design, pixel art has increasingly become mainstream and is now being widely used in print media and advertising. This book is an arresting, colorful global survey of an amazing new genre of art, one which is influencing the future of all design and art today. It is from pixels that the over 70 designers and artists featured in this book create icons, characters, games, illustration and animations. More than 2000 of their illustrations are featured making this book a must-have for any graphic designer or computer gaming artist.

Fresh Styles For Web Designers

Fresh Styles For Web Designers: Eye Candy from the Underground
by Curt Cloninger
Page 149

In a light and friendly voice, the author introduces the reader to new ways of styling websites. With specific examples for each of ten categories, he provides a wealth of techniques for the designer who wishes to apply these approaches in their own work. The styles are broken down into ten categories, which are:

Further explorations in the book help designers determine which style choices would be most appropriate when changing the look of their own sites.


by Peter Thaler
Page 209

“Dot, dot, comma, dash – smiley face in a flash” (German proverb)

Pictoplasma, a collection by the eponymous Berlin-based project around Peter Thaler and the first ever documentation of modern character design, presents a comprehensive overview of this truly global graphic language and illustrates the remarkable status figures (the picto element) with lively traits and faces (plasma) have achieved in our society, culminating in a visual feast.

As likeable, global identifiers they act as indispensable mediators in the era of multimedia, serving purposes as diverse as branding, logo design, game design (Pokemon, SuperMario), web design, icons or mascots.

Selected from more than 6,000 excellent entries Pictoplasma offers both independent artists and corporations an international platform. Countless styles and techniques divide the figurative images into freehand drawings, vector, pixel, encyclopedia and 3-D styles, gaining in complexity during each respective chapter.

From cartoon to collage, from graffiti to PopArt – Pictoplasma lends the world of characters a new face.

Jovino at The Whiskey a Go Go

Studio, session work & live performances

I’m always open to opportunities to be a collaborative and/or supporting musician. Below are some highlights of people who I have worked with over the years.

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This is what I’ve done in 2016 so far…

Empire Slum Bootleg Empire Slum Bootleg Tapes

Empire Slum Live at The Fireside Lounge

This piece represents me as an artist, musician and graphic designer. The recording was made on January 2, 2016 at The Fireside Lounge in Alameda, CA. I did cassette-specific audio mastering and I also designed the packaging.

Copies are available for $5 plus shipping. Each cassette is recorded directly from the digital master with hand-cut and assembled packaging. Email me to get one for yourself.

Tags: design music

This is what I got up to in 2015

Bunnywarez.com Catalog Page Bunnywarez.com Item Listing Page Bunnywarez.com LED Sign Page
Bunnywarez.com my on-going “sideline”

Complete overhaul of Bunnywarez.com. New graphic design, new layout & responsive architecture. Built upon the 3D Cart template-based platform using all the usual suspects (CSS, HTML, Javascript, JQuery, and much much more!)

Tags: web bunnywarez

Bass Guitar Fretboard
Bass Guitar Fretboard a pure, CSS-only solution

This fully-scalable 4-string bass fretboard maintains the integrity of fret distances using carefully computed element widths. The fretboard highlights all of the notes of a C Major scale, and their relative positions. Future revisions may include filters for scales, chord arpeggios and other progressions. I believe that this tool could be useful to assist students with learning fretboard and music theory.

Tags: music web

Bunnywarez Pajamas Bunnywarez Pajamas
Bunnywarez children’s line

Bunnywarez was contracted to design a line of children’s pajamas based on our extremely popular Jammies. More information on where to buy these fine outfits will be coming soon.

Tags: bunnywarez

City of Women Live at The Bottom of the Hill City of Women Live at The Bottom of the Hill

City of Women Live at The Bottom of the Hill

The graphic design for this cassette was inspired by the work of Alvin Lustig. It’s possibly my favorite cassette packaging to date. Mixing and mastering by me.

Copies are available for $5 plus shipping. Each cassette is recorded directly from the digital master with hand-cut and assembled packaging. Email me to get one for yourself.

Tags: design music

Bunnywarez Bat Hoodie Bunnywarez Bat Country Bunnywarez Bat Country Filmstrip

Bunnywarez Bats

Bats! One of our most successful designs to date.

We hosted a Bat Country photoshoot in the middle of the desert because that just seemed like the obvious thing to do. The results were hilarious, and made for great marketing material.

Tags: design bunnywarez

Bud Light Lucky Key Doors Bud Light Lucky Key Winner Screen

Bud Light / Superbowl Lucky Key Sweepstakes

Single-page, dynamic and animated, web application built using Ruby on Rails, Compass, SASS and HTML5 Video. Written with HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and AJAX. Secure data connections to authentication and contest servers made it pretty bulletproof on the back-end. The whole thing was built in about a week using a small team of designers.

Tags: web

Visa Homepage Visa Giftcard page


Design support and maintenance of Visa’s American web presence. Performed progressive upgrades of content to HTML5 standards and responsive design architecture.

Tags: web

Arrowhead Guitars Homepage Arrowhead Guitars Mobile Homepage Arrowhead Guitars Tablet Homepage

Arrowhead Guitars

I designed and built a site for a custom guitar maker. The visual design was inspired by vintage Mu-Tron pedals and effects. The site is fully responsive and was designed to integrate with a template-based framework for easy maintenance.

Tags: design web

Utmost Something Logo Utmost Something CD Utmost Something Homepage
Utmost Something Elis Show Poster Utmost Something Ivy Room Show Poster

The Utmost Something

While playing with The Utmost Something, I designed the visual identity, print collateral, and a website to help promote the band.

Tags: design music

Wynonna Judd Revelations T-Shirt

Wynonna Judd, Revelations T-Shirt

I created this Wynona Judd t-shirt for Winterland Productions. The layout is in the form of a cross which ties in with Wynona’s spiritual beliefs.

You can still get one on Rockabilia.

Tags: design

Spcaebunny Font

Spacebunny Font

A typeface that I designed to be used for Bunnywarez branding and collateral. It was inspired by Moonbase Alpha, but with larger characters for better legibility.

Tags: design typography bunnywarez

Z-Term Font

Z-Term Font

Z-Term is a typeface I designed to be used with pixel-based layouts. The font features a complete character set including accent and extended characters. The font design was inspired by the popular terminal emulator by the same name, which occasionally spat out blocks of random data when the connection was shoddy. Z-Term is a monospaced font, but it can be tracked at -72 or -144 for pixel-perfect font spacing.

Tags: design typography

Airwalk Valentine Airwalk Shoelace Airwalk Laundry Airwalk TV Dinner

Airwalk print advertising

I created magazine advertisements and print collateral for Airwalk Shoes. I also did a lot of Photoshop work and I created Point-of-Sale displays for the brand. Ask about the Airwalk Air Freshener sometime.

Tags: design

Charles David Step On charles David Heel Boy

Charles David Shoes print advertising

I designed magazine advertisements for Charles David Shoes to be featured in Vogue and Elle. High fashion requires a light touch and careful balance. A lot of care was put into the layouts and typography over the entire campaign.

Tags: design typography

City of Women at Nightlight City of Women Live at The Bottom of the Hill City of Women Live at The Bottom of the Hill

City of Women

I spent all of 2014 (and some of 2015) playing bass and performing with City of Women. I was a collaborating musician, created promoting merchandise and collateral, toured, and helped promote the act.

City of Women mixes old-school edge with modern day cool

“City of Women is a band that will remind you how cool guitar solos really are.”
Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

Late Show Double Feature: City of Women, NighTraiN, Punk Funk Mob, + Books on Fate - March 9th - 10th

“[City of Women] is a band that I am always excited to see play – yes, even two nights in a row – and if you haven’t seen them perform, then you are missing out on one of the best live experiences in San Francisco. ”
Elisabeth Butler, Late-Show.org

Tags: design music

Chronic Town at Starry Plough

Photo by: Leah Millis, San Francisco Chronicle

Chronic Town

In 2013 I played bass and developed music & lighting sequencer technology for Chronic Townan R.E.M. tribute band.

Talk about the passion of R.E.M. tribute band Chronic Town

“Having seen R.E.M. live back when Bill Berry was still the drummer, I expected Chronic Town to be a cheap imitation. But the band had a professional polish. As soon as they started, I had the impression they deserved a packed and reverent house.”
— Sam Whiting, San Francisco Chronicle.

Tags: music

Utmost Something at Shine Lounge

Photo by: Mike P

The Utmost Something

Between 2010 and 2013, I played the bass and collaborated with The Utmost Something an Oakland-based indie rock band. Here are a few tracks we recorded while we were together.

His Charcoal Words

Washed Away


No Reason — live at the Stork Club

Tags: design music

Year Zero 8x10

Year Zero & Panic Underground

Back in the good ol’ days, I played in an alternative dance/pop band. We rocked the hell out of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. It was one of those “close, but not quite” adventures into rock stardom. You can still get a CD on CD Baby and iTunes.

Tags: music

Pandamalize Painting


A 17-layer spraypaint on canvas stencil painting.
12" x 12"

Tags: paint

Sunrise Zebra Painting

Sunrise Zebra

A 2-layer spraypaint on canvas stencil painting.
12" x 12"

Tags: paint

Osakapopstar Devil Dog Show

Photos by: Steve Talkowski

Devil Dog

I was commissioned to create stencils for the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show at the The Showroom Gallery in NYC. This was an honor because I my work was on display along with other incredible artists such as The Pizz, Ron English, and Shepard Fairey.

Tags: paint

Easy Photo Drive Illustration

Digital and Technical Illustration

I cannot present any of the work I did for Boeing Aircraft because all of the drawings require a Secret security clearance. More digital illustrations are coming soon.

Tags: illustration

Chibi Alien Buddai in a Snowglobe Carniverous Plants My Little Peony Zoltar the Miracle Fish

Pen and Ink Illustration

I like to draw. Most times I just doodle, but I will sometimes work out ideas into an actual illustration. These were are all done with Prismacolor and Sakura Micron pens. White highlights were done with a white gel pen.

Tags: illustration

Whale on an Orange Do What You Love Tattoo Burning Man Tattoo <3 Matching Tattoos Taco Tattoo Waxy Monkey Frog Tattoo


I pursued becoming a certified tattoo artist. Life came along, so I hung up my machines. Here are some things I did on some friends of mine while I was practicing.

Tags: illustration

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